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Business Degree Programme

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Business Degree Programme HELP University Study in Malaysia Further Study Business Degree Programme HELP University Study in Malaysia Further Study

Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons)
This program is designed to provide skills in organizational and systems management reinforced with insights from the discipline of psychology as a social and behavioural science. By integrating management studies with the critical and analytical methods of psychology, it meets the needs of students intending to pursue careers in personal management, training and development, human resource management and employee & customer relations.               
Upon completion of the program, students will have:
·         developed an understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics that reflect business success
·         gained the skills to function effectively in group and organisational settings
Bachelor of Economics (Hons)
The Bachelor of Economics (Hons) is an excellent starting point for a career in the accounting, finance and banking professions. Organised in terms of modules that emphasise both theory and relevant applications, the program offers a systematic exposure to tools with which to analyse financial markets, banking operations, corporate financial decision making and accounting reports.
On completion of the program, graduates will have an understanding of fundamental issues, debates and problems related to the operations of financial systems at both the micro and macro levels, in the context of national and global economies. They will be ready for a career in various accounting, finance and banking professions.

Bachelor of Management (Hons)
This program will appeal to students wishing to obtain a general education in the disciplines which underlie the theory and practice of management. The degree aims to cover the analysis of a specific set of topics but also to teach an approach to logical analysis of social and individual decision-making.
On completion of the program, graduates will be able to look analytically and critically at management issues, develop critical skills for a wide range of real world business and professional situations and be prepared for a career in business administration and management.


Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) (Hons)
The realisation of the importance of proper human resource management has been reflected in the hiring of people with specialised skills in personnel management, compensation, labour relations, training and management development, and the use of organisational development consultants.
This program is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the three management functions that have become most critical in modern organisations: personnel management, industrial relations and organisational behaviour. It emphasises both practical and conceptual skills to enable students to work in all areas of human resource management in both the public and private sectors.
The program aims to provide a broad understanding and appreciation of organisations as well as skills in basic Human Resource Management functions.
On completion of the program, graduates should be able to help shape an organisation or business through staff planning, job analysis and design, appraisal of staff performance and assessment of training needs.
Bachelor of Business (International Business) (Hons)
This program is designed for students who wish to specialise in courses that lead to a career in international business management. The program provides a broad foundation in business in addition to specialised studies in international management and international marketing.
On completion of the program, graduates will have learnt interpersonal, negotiation, and leadership skills. Graduates will also have learnt how to generate global and local creative strategies, as well as the skills to effectively implement them.


Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) (Hons)
Entrepreneurship creates value and contributes to all-round progress. It is an integrating discipline that draws on knowledge and skills developed in a variety of areas. Entrepreneurial endeavours are successful when they identify and assess opportunities, and enable action to be taken to pursue the opportunities.
The program’s curriculum blends the traditional components of a management education with the study of those content, skill, and sensitivity areas that uniquely define entrepreneurship. Through a combination of academic and clinical experiences, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the entrepreneurial process.
On completion of the program, graduates will understand the motivations, behaviours, and strategies necessary to create, implement, and sustain new ideas and ventures.

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) (Hons)
With greater competition in markets arising from deregulation, technological change and globalisation, an understanding of marketing is becoming increasingly crucial for professionals in both private and government business areas. In a more competitive world, graduates with the ability to add value to products and services have an edge over others.
This program is designed to provide students with a sound background in business, together with an understanding of marketing's role within and between organisations.
On completion of the program, graduates would have acquired decision-making skills and be innovative in their approach to business problems and situations. Furthermore, the program develops critical thinking and communication skills so that graduates may deal effectively with the continually changing business environment.
To achieve these aims, the program integrates the development of practical skills and knowledge, with a strong emphasis on understanding current theories and the latest research.
Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Hons)
Finance is concerned with the study of financial instruments, institutions, markets and systems. It involves the study of financial decision making under uncertainty, which has applications in many fields including banking, financial consulting and planning, funds management, merchant banking, stock broking and treasury.
This program provides rigorous training in the theory and applications of finance. The program involves a core in mainstream finance supplemented with studies in related quantitative techniques and methodologies, economics and management.
On completion of this program, graduates will understand:
·         how corporations make financial decisions
·         how individual investors select and manage their investment opportunities and portfolios
·         the intricacies of derivative securities
·         the management of the financial services industry

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Hons)
Accounting is concerned with the measurement, reporting and evaluation of information, including computerised information, which assists in the management of resources in business entities and government organisations.
This program prepares students to become professional accountants. It covers theoretical and conceptual accounting matters combined with the basic accounting skills needed to make graduates employable.
The curriculum has been designed to satisfy the requirements of professional accounting bodies like CPA Australia, ACCA, ICAEW, MICPA, CIMA, MIA and many others where full exemptions can be obtained. At the same time, the curriculum provides a student with a broad-based education, thus enabling success in the highly competitive work environment.
Furthermore, top accounting professionals from the Big 4 accounting firms are invited to participate in teaching as adjunct staff. They will bring real world perspectives into the classroom setting.


Diploma in Business
The Diploma in Business is a 2-year HELP University program that prepares students for admission into the second year of business related degree programs at internationally recognised universities. It is widely accepted by Australian, British and New Zealand universities as being equivalent to their first year course of studies.               
This program has been structured and developed in consultation with, and is moderated by, foreign universities to ensure that it is of an acceptable international standard.
The curriculum has been designed to provide students with a sound background in accounting, finance, marketing, management and related business subjects. Apart from preparing students for entry into business degree programs, the Diploma in Business adequately prepares students for the job market as well.
On completion of this program, graduates will have acquired the knowledge and practical skills in business which will enhance their competency to complete their assigned tasks.
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